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Monday, June 13, 2011

Sleepy Eyes of Death / Metal Chocolates - Chop Suey 6/11/11

A face-shaking, full body experience was crafted by the Seattle band Sleepy Eyes of Death at Chop Suey on Saturday for the release of their 300 copy limited edition double vinyl record Dark/Horizon.

Left the house not knowing about the show so was without a proper camera, but dig how the iPhone/iPhoto dealt with the intense colors on stage:

Before Sleepy Eyes, the crowd was lucky to see and hear Metal Chocolates, another awesome local act. Tight rhymes backed by laptop tweaks and live drum beats. Seriously dope shit. Pinkies up.


  1. Dig the iPhone shots. Kinda glad you had to work with what you had.

  2. Thanks for the props Wrath and Anon. Glad you're digging the sounds and images - live shows for both acts HIGHLY recommended.

  3. droid is out and about...i gotta come out west so he can show me the sights.