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Friday, March 27, 2009

We Carry On

Global financial turmoil, wars in distant or domestic lands, personal tragedy, failure or complacence, any number of discouraging obstacles. But humans have the capacity to overcome and move forward - we carry on.

I'm not posting this now because of any particular recent frustration on my own part, and this mix is in fact from last May. I just re-read the title and started thinking about what it could imply, and it's actually quite hopeful if you think about it. Heaven knows whole populations have overcome mountains more than I have ever been faced with.


So this mix isn't centered around any heavy theme I preface it with above. Again I just took it on the fly and started with a track I dug off a recent acquisition and tried to embellish with whatever else was recently inspirational or at hand. It takes a mellow turn at a later point, and then fully regains its raw energy for the finale. Carry on.

we carry on - PORTISHEAD
lavender - ONEIDA
steady as she goes - SHELLAC
spinning temple shifting - DANAVA
monza (rauf und runter) - HARMONIA
pot head pixies - GONG
le roi des mouches et la confiture de rouse - JEAN-CLAUDE VANNIER
grinderman - GRINDERMAN
oh! sweet nuthin - VELVET UNDERGROUND
will the circle be unbroken - JERRY LEE LEWIS
you don't know (demo version) - 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS
what would they know - LIARS
ghost rider - SUICIDE
snare hangar - BATTLES
got a mile, got a mile, got an inch - DON CABALLERO
wonderful witches + language meanies - THURSTON MOORE
tonite - MC5
parchment farm - BLUE CHEER
untitled (from movement lp)- THE GOSSIP

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