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Thursday, January 15, 2009


The Beginning is Nigh / Beginning to See the Light

Embark on a harrowing journey into mystical, other-wordly realms! However dark this blend of heavy tones and drones may be, it nonetheless sheds some sunshine on the listener in the end.

See the light: strawberries mean love.


00:00:00: The Beginning is Nigh - ONEIDA
00:07:00: Pure Unevil - LIARS
00:10:48: Cheree - SUICIDE
00:14:06: Sharks / Planaria - JOHN FAHEY
00:22:00: Akuma No Kuma (Evil Bear) - SUNO))) & BORIS
00:29:00: Eyes of Disguise - DANAVA
00:41:40: The Writ - BLACK SABBATH
00:49:29: Master of the Universe - HAWKWIND
00:55:32: I Want You Right Now - MC5
01:01:08: Mutiny In Heaven - BIRTHDAY PARTY
01:05:13: Magick - KLAXONS
01:08:38: Animal Signal - TURZI
01:11:33: Strawberries Mean Love - STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK
01:14:25: Beginning to See the Light - VELVET UNDERGROUND

1 comment:

  1. Yo Andrew, Thanks for the AM 'warm up.' We need it here in the frozen tundra that is the east coast.