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Saturday, January 24, 2009


A simple suggestion, taken as a dare, is what started it all.

Recognising the qualities that permeate a mix by Glacial Lakes - south of the equator beats, Californian smoothness, and all things African, to name but a few - I couldn't help but suggest "Companion" by Dennis Wilson to this fine pair of disc jockeys.

But I wanted it too.

So I took it, and crafted this latest compilation around it's recent discovery. I too have an affinity for those musical qualities mentioned above, so it was a pleasant challenge to find some tracks that would wrap their open arms around Dennis' sweet ode to forever being side by side with your companion.

I still hope, no doubt, that the selecting and re-presenting companionship known as GL will render an edit or some such use of Companion, as they know how to do it propa-like, word.

To be continued....?

PS: The album Companion comes from was to be called Bambu. (It eventually came out with the recent deluxe reissue of Pacific Ocean Blue). Note the "u" for the papers, rather than the "oo" for the plant.

PPS: Shout out to Anonymous Rex for tippin a brother off to the wonders of Audacity.

Companion tracklist:
cumbia & jazz fusion - Charles Mingus
companion - Dennis Wilson
cumbia & jazz fusion - Charles Mingus
charles ano 45 - Jorge Ben
holdin on - Sly & The Family Stone
haunted house - Lee Oskar
rickshaw - Cymande
african dance no 1 - Guy Warren
funkier than a mosquito's tweeter - Nina Simone
funkier than a mosquito's tweeter - Ike & Tina Turner
attica blues - Archie Shepp
nighthawkin' - Tim Buckley
my girl - Lee Perry
give rasta glory - Cedric Im Brooks
i can't help myself - Roy Ayers
hey senorita - War
damn my feet hurt - Leroy Vinnegar
liberation dues - Oneness of Juju
che che kule - Osibisa

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Captain Beefheart: Brown Star Sessions

Riding the recent wave of enthusiasm for the Captain's 10 Commandments for Guitarists on !!!KORRECT!!! & AC, I recommend The Brownstar Sessions. A bootleg of tracks from the 1972 sessions for The Spotlight Kid & Clear Spot records, this collection features Beefheart & The Magic Band working on familiar free-form jams, previously unknown songs, some sweet mellow moments, and early versions of acknowledged classics.

Pick it up over at The Heat Warps, a blog highly recommended for online digging.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


The Beginning is Nigh / Beginning to See the Light

Embark on a harrowing journey into mystical, other-wordly realms! However dark this blend of heavy tones and drones may be, it nonetheless sheds some sunshine on the listener in the end.

See the light: strawberries mean love.


00:00:00: The Beginning is Nigh - ONEIDA
00:07:00: Pure Unevil - LIARS
00:10:48: Cheree - SUICIDE
00:14:06: Sharks / Planaria - JOHN FAHEY
00:22:00: Akuma No Kuma (Evil Bear) - SUNO))) & BORIS
00:29:00: Eyes of Disguise - DANAVA
00:41:40: The Writ - BLACK SABBATH
00:49:29: Master of the Universe - HAWKWIND
00:55:32: I Want You Right Now - MC5
01:01:08: Mutiny In Heaven - BIRTHDAY PARTY
01:05:13: Magick - KLAXONS
01:08:38: Animal Signal - TURZI
01:11:33: Strawberries Mean Love - STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK
01:14:25: Beginning to See the Light - VELVET UNDERGROUND

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Live at the Hub this Friday

Dear faithful readers,

Yours truly will be at the helm on the wheels of steel this Friday the 9th from 9pm at The Hub in Tacoma, WA. Please do come by if you're in the neighborhhood.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

oh nine

A new year, a new mix.

And another blog in the 'sphere. Where it will go is unknown, but slow music meltdown is meant to make available some mixes, and if motivated, provide some commentary on music, perhaps other items. To kick it off publicly (as there are previous posts) I present oh nine. Like most of my mixes, it came about by remembering choice cuts from recent purchases, and otherwise trying to fill the gaps on the fly. I sometimes wonder if my mixes would be better if carefully planned out and practiced, but I mostly tend to favor taking it as it comes - spontaneity can be both a blessing and a curse.

I'll let you judge this (and any before or after) for yourself. Happy New Year.


00:00:00: Dance # 1 - LARAAJI (Ambient 3: Day of Radiance)
00:01:53: Tanzmusik - KRAFTWERK
00:08:00: Miss Shapiro - PHIL MANZANERA
00:13:40: Marbles - JOHN McLAUGHLIN
00:17:00: Silence - PORTISHEAD
00:21:10: Antenna - KRAFTWERK
00:23:45: Slave Dub - NATURES DUB (Bullwackies)
00:26:45: Into The Light - SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES
00:30:48: A New Career in a New Town - DAVID BOWIE
00:33:21: Young Embrace - AZYMUTH
00:36:39: Big Dome - PHIL MANZANERA
00:42:42: Timing X / Wiggly World - DEVO
00:46:04: Soup - CAN
00:49:46: Lunchmetaphobia - FUNKADELIC
00:53:21: New Delire - SERGE GAINSBOURG

*PS: For those who visit this site after an e-mail prompting you to do so, its sender apologises for accidentally clicking CC instead of BCC when composing. The sender is sure that you are all equally uninterested in spamming one another, so it should not be a problem. It is a new year's resolution of the sender to never make this ghastly mistake for the rest of '09 and beyond. Thanks for reading this far down the post.