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Thursday, January 1, 2009

oh nine

A new year, a new mix.

And another blog in the 'sphere. Where it will go is unknown, but slow music meltdown is meant to make available some mixes, and if motivated, provide some commentary on music, perhaps other items. To kick it off publicly (as there are previous posts) I present oh nine. Like most of my mixes, it came about by remembering choice cuts from recent purchases, and otherwise trying to fill the gaps on the fly. I sometimes wonder if my mixes would be better if carefully planned out and practiced, but I mostly tend to favor taking it as it comes - spontaneity can be both a blessing and a curse.

I'll let you judge this (and any before or after) for yourself. Happy New Year.


00:00:00: Dance # 1 - LARAAJI (Ambient 3: Day of Radiance)
00:01:53: Tanzmusik - KRAFTWERK
00:08:00: Miss Shapiro - PHIL MANZANERA
00:13:40: Marbles - JOHN McLAUGHLIN
00:17:00: Silence - PORTISHEAD
00:21:10: Antenna - KRAFTWERK
00:23:45: Slave Dub - NATURES DUB (Bullwackies)
00:26:45: Into The Light - SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES
00:30:48: A New Career in a New Town - DAVID BOWIE
00:33:21: Young Embrace - AZYMUTH
00:36:39: Big Dome - PHIL MANZANERA
00:42:42: Timing X / Wiggly World - DEVO
00:46:04: Soup - CAN
00:49:46: Lunchmetaphobia - FUNKADELIC
00:53:21: New Delire - SERGE GAINSBOURG

*PS: For those who visit this site after an e-mail prompting you to do so, its sender apologises for accidentally clicking CC instead of BCC when composing. The sender is sure that you are all equally uninterested in spamming one another, so it should not be a problem. It is a new year's resolution of the sender to never make this ghastly mistake for the rest of '09 and beyond. Thanks for reading this far down the post.


  1. welcome to the music blog world. i look forward to some rad mixes from dj sloe in the future!

  2. Nicely done. Look forward to Music Meltdown in my music blog rotation.

  3. psyched to see your excursions online. the mix is great! seriously, 'big dome' is a burner and begging for a re-edit.

  4. Billy

    i knew big dome would be your jam - that record "Primitive Guitars" is full of nerdy dancey weirdness that Weekend Prince could obliterate w/ some edits...pick it up!