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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hollow Earth Radio Invites You To BREAK-fest

Hollow Earth Radio Invites You to BREAK-fest!Print

BREAK-FEST: The Anti-Festival.

Hollow Earth Radio loves festivals & we know we've seen you at quite a few of them throughout the year ... but by the end of the summer, we're DONE. We don't want to stand in another long line for the bathroom or sip another expensive beer through our chapped lips. It's in times like this we'd do anything for just a wonderful home-cooked breakfast with friends and a little soft rock. What if we told you we could make your dreams come true?

A Festival In A Home??

When Hollow Earth Radio first started we did our little online broadcast out of the basement of a residential home. And even though we've moved on to a rad public space in the Central District, we think that same mood has carried with us; listeners tell us that tuning in feels like hanging out with friends in their home. We're comfy homemade radio.
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When for planning this event we thought - let's get RIDICULOUSLY literal. Let's have an ANTI-FESTIVAL where we invite you into our homes, eat together, and raise some of the needed funds for the upcoming year. Let's take a break from all the festivals. (Get it?)

Register here:
We are inviting you, our supporters, into multiple creative homes around the city to share a homemade meal (with Hollow Earth Radio on in the background, of course) so that you may have a unique opportunity to support what we do for our community. You can nom on delicious food, hear about the awesome stuff we have planned for THE FUTURE, and meet & eat with other supporters and new friends. We promise it will be rock n' roll. 

All the funds we raise will cover general operational costs to keep Hollow Earth Radio running strongly throughout the next year. A portion of the funds will also support our expanding youth media arts workshops and camps.
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Here's how it will work.
RSVP to attend our Fall Fundraising Brunch.
Register here:
One week prior to the event, we'll email you with directions to a private home in Seattle, WA where you'll enjoy a home-cooked meal with up to 10 other supporters.
If you think your friends would enjoy supporting Hollow Earth Radio, please invite them to attend as well.
All you have to do is bring a checkbook or a pillow case full of money and show up in your PJ's (and that's optional). Piece of cake (actual cake probably not provided)!
To find out more information, go here:


If you do not live in Seattle, and you cannot attend this event, we welcome you to make a donation online to Hollow Earth Radio. We rely on individual donations to keep Hollow Earth Radio running. Your donation will support our online operating costs, and our ability to continue documenting local live performances, media arts workshops and more! All donations are tax deductible.

Just click our Donate Now! image above and you'll be taken to paypal. Anything helps!

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Turzi Électronique Expérience - Education

Having 2 solid double albums under his belt with the help of Reich IV, the latest effort by Parisian disciplinary rocker and synthesizer scientist Romain Turzi is a return to solo ventures in sound.

"Errance" is a standout track from the forthcoming album Education in that it shows an ethereal, sun-drenched and innocent element of Turzi's aesthetic that hasn't been evident in prior releases.

Statue of a Boy , Château de Cadillac

Education is available September 12th at the Record Makers online shop, and in the meantime it's streaming via Bandcamp.