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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Involuntary Post by Tarwater Series - 3rd Installment: "The Rest of Your Day"

Tarwater comes correct yet again with another Involuntary Post-worthy e-missive. Images added for further insights.


"Sorry to drop so much music on you at once but, with one exception, all of it was new to me before today and sometimes that's how it goes.

First up: Lucas Santtana is this Brazilian guy from Bahia discovered/mentored (I guess) by Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil (he played on Tropicalia 2 in 1994) who thus far has 3 solo albums to his name. The first begins with a short sample of the beginning of the song "Tropicalia" and then swathes it in noise - which is a good shorthand for where he's at: taking the samba and bossa nova beloved by the Tropicalistas and introducing it to trippy modern production techniques/styles/inflections, without insulting either. He does it very, very well.
First record: Eletro Ben Dodo.
Here is the heavy dub follow-up: 3 Sessions in a Greenhouse
Here is the one that came out this year: Sem Nostalgia
All are great.

Next is Next is (sic) Staff Benda Bilili from Kinshasa, who have a backstory that reads like a satire of back-stories: album is good and interesting enough though - the homemade one-string lute player is a marvel - to overcome the icky novelty/poverty-fetishizing etc. possibilites of the above.

Third is the new record by this Austrian group Radian - I think some of you might already be familiar with them. They kinda remind me of This Heat.

The last is that opera about Darwin by The Knife."