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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

3 years of the MOTOR Mix Series: MTRMX036 - dj slow


Being a part of the collective the last 5 years has vastly re-shaped my understanding of deejaying and outlook on it. For our 36th edition I’ve kept things moving at 130BPM and mixed with traditional as well as Serato control vinyl. Included are some touring producers who’ve lit up the night for us such as Cassegrain and Minimal Violence, a few of my bucket list artists like Wata Igarashi and Karen Gwyer, plus some favorite tracks from recent MOTOR releases.


Romans - Sabratha
IVVY - Royal Blue [MTR020]
Privacy - Density
Cassegrain - Kor
Karen Gwyer - Lay Claim To My Grub
Randomer - Dem Thing
richard_p - identity_of_indiscernibles
ASSS - Male Nurses
400PPM - 8.069
James Ruskin ‎– Into A Circle
Sabertooth - Nun [MTR023]
Person of Interest - Down For…
Minimal Violence - Hibernation
Voiski - Happy Piece For Happy People Piece
Archivist - That Sinking Feeling [MTR016]
Surgeon - Untitled (La Real 12”)
Wata Igarashi - Mood Of the Machines Pt II
HOM - Milkdust [MTR012]
Orphx - All Rivers At Once
Certain Creatures - Pleasure Principle
Klein & Lack - Qal Alluvium [MTR022]

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