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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Studies in Silver

silver apples of the moon - MORTON SUBOTNICK
radioactivity - KRAFTWERK
the carrier - BRIAN ENO - DAVID BYRNE
wrong ride - GROWING
rinky-dink o.s. type rip [remix] - THE SEA AND CAKE
drool - BLACK DICE
bad trails - BATTLES
gollum - HARMONIA
access control - TRANS AM
super now - BOREDOMS
temporary secretary - PAUL McCARTNEY
impossible guitar - PHIL MANZANERA
seen and not seen - TALKING HEADS
films - GARY NUMAN
never say goodbye - YOKO ONO
eje nlo gba ara mi - KING SUNNY ADE
gimmickry hoax sensation - TURN ON

Credit due to John Pilson for introducing me to the potential of a curated Google Image Search

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