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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Trinité - 3 is a Magic Number

Trinité - "Kora"

Browsing the esteemed music blog Whistle Taste a few days ago I came across a link to a Parisian band called Trinité. Having heard of the band while in Paris this fall checking in on the thriving psychedelic music scene*, I was eager to listen to them as well. I caught up with one third of the trio via e-mail to get the lowdown on the formula for their synthetic sound.

"So the short story of Trinité is we each use a different gear:

I {Mathieu of Chicros, Turzi} am all analog: organ fed in a gated Roland.

Hallgrimskirkja, Reykjavik, Iceland

Clemens (Turzi, One Switch to Collision) is all modular, a Yamaha Tenori-On driving home-made modules.

(Sol LeWittCube Structures Based on Five Modules • 1971-4 • painted wood)

Pete (Service) is all digital: he uses sounds he synthesises himself with FM synthesis.

There you have it, the Holy Trinity of Synth."

Go to their site to see videos and download some tracks from a live show while you wait to see if rumors of a 3-LP set to come are true - I sure hope they are.


*Pan European Recording, Record Makers, and Chicrodelic, are a few of the labels in Paris putting out great records.


  1. Trinité Rules
    Trinité fait la loi

    et toi aussi andré !

  2. Love the visual representations of the "father, son and holy ghost".

  3. Merci Anonymous and Wrath...I'm merely a vessel for spreading the gospel of the Holy Trinité.