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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sotho Sounds & Flowers of Lesotho

Sotho Sounds: "Mobopong… By The Rivers Of Babylon"

While in Africa this past summer, I came across a CD by a group call Sotho Sounds from Lesotho. They play a groovy kind of indigenous junk-punk, given that most of their instruments are made from found objects (similar to Congolese group Konono No. 1 in that respect, but with a much chiller output). There's not much out there on Sotho Sounds, and I attempted to contact them while in Lesotho, but heard nothing back. At any rate, they sound great.


As we had the time of our lives during the 3 weeks we spent in Mohale's Hoek, Lesotho working with the people of St. Camillus Centre for Orphans & Vulnerable Children, my wife Aylie & I recently started a non-profit in support of the people we met there.

We helped the children we worked with make cut paper flowers, and we've used images of the flowers to make note cards to sell in the hopes of raising funds to send back to St. Camillus. Please visit our website, Flowers of Lesotho, to learn more, order cards, or donate to the people of St. Camillus.


  1. Many thanks for your blog post. Our debut album is to be released on October 1st 2012.
    You can find us on Facebook or
    Sotho Sounds

  2. My pleasure! I was happy to discover your music a few years ago....I look forward to the new album!