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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

HER Broadcast in honor of Maisie Josephine

Maisie Josephine - born 2/18/12

As fate would have it, my little girl decided to make her debut on the same day my first broadcast - selected in her honor - was to air on Hollow Earth Radio. Needless to say I was a bit preoccupied when the show aired so I missed it. No worries if you did too, as I made a playlist you can download below. I hope you enjoy, and please be sure to tune in to HER every Saturday from 12-2pm PST for Slow Music Meltdown.

Heartbeat - DJMJ
Baby Where You Are - Ted Lucas
77777 - Boredoms
Zum Wohl - Cluster
Beach House - Secret Colors
Take Care - Beach House
Gullfjellet - Bjørn Torske
The Happy Whistler - Raymond Scott
Wind on Water - Fripp & Eno
Evening Star - Fripp & Eno
420 Millionaires - Free Time
Fly Like a Horse - Sylvain Chauveau
Icke's Struggle - Blanck Mass
Happy Astronaut - Brother Raven
Kekse - Harmonia
Riversong - Tonto's Expanding Head Band
Sea Bed Meditation - Jürgen Müller
Goes By - Emeralds
Besoin de Mer - Trinité
Purus River - Uakti
Letzte Tage - Letzte Nachte -Popol Vuh

*For optimum listening pleasure, check Crossfade Songs and set to 12 seconds in iTunes preferences or your preferred music application.

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