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Friday, October 28, 2011

Involuntary Post by Tarwater # 6 - Disco Inferno plus 2 more

Thanks to the now legendary scholar Tarwater I was recently hipped to some fantastic new music. I am duty-bound as host of this blog to re-post his words here without permission from him.

The Disco Inferno record is on deep repeat at the Meltdown.


"Here are some records I've enjoyed lately:

Disco Inferno - The 5 EPs
"Second Language"

British band active from 1991-1996. They started out a decent, if derivative, post-punk operation  heavily indebted to Joy Division/Wire (a collection of their early stuff is actually called In Debt), but by the time they started making the EPs compiled here, they had located the approach that would make them total marketplace non-entities while Britpop still fopped: inspired by Public Enemy and the Young Gods, DI began using samplers alongside guitar/bass/vocals -- but rather than appropriate pieces of other people's music (though one song loops the drums from Lust for Life) they snatched snippets of the world around them -  breaking glass, birdsong, feet crunching snow etc - and ended up w/ sound that doesn't really resemble much else. (Though sometimes I can squint and see them as a perfect post-154  endpoint for Wire.) They also managed to cover a lot of sonic territory - you'll find everything from jangle-pop to 9 minute instrumental soundspaces here - so if something doesn't particularly excite you, it pays to keep listening. Also: Works best on headphones.

Colin Stetson - New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges

Canadian saxophonist who blew everyone away @ ATP Jersey a few weeks ago. Lungs of steel apparently, but rather than Brotzmann-esque skronk, he goes for Steve Reich-ish minimalism. Really interesting stuff.

Also, the new Charalambides record is relatively accessible (for them) and also worth your time"

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  1. Disco Inferno is the shit! They were too ahead of their time for their own good.