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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Soothing Sounds for Sabine - Little Miss Echo

A belated welcome to my now month-old niece Sabine:

In honor of her birth, here is a favorite track by Raymond Scott, a pioneer in ambient and electronic music, from his 1962 3-disc masterpiece Soothing Sounds for Baby:

Little Miss Echo


Despite the title, these songs are not just soothing for babies, but also their tired parents, or any other adults, for that matter. This is among my favorite records of all time, and props goes out to M.C. of Chicros for turning me on to the mellow sounds. More Raymond Scott can be heard on the Planequarium Mix.

And more of Sabine can be seen at

Another big Happy Birthday shout-out goes to Sasha, who is 1 year old today!


*Editor's Note: Photo of sweet lil' Sabine is courtesy of her dad / my bro, Wrath66, a distinguished artist, designer, blogger, and now, father. Of the many wonderful photos of his daughter I've been lucky to see, this one still blows my mind the most!