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Monday, August 31, 2009

Involuntary Posts by Tarwater Series - First Installment

Thus begins a new series at Slow Music Meltdown which highlights the insightful comments and contributions of the music historian and critic known as Tarwater.


"RE: 2 records I like

Okay, one more: Population II by Randy Holden. He briefly replaced
Leigh Stephens on guitar in some supposedly shitty late-60's iteration
of Bluer {sic} Cheer, before forming the duo* that would drop this, the Pink
of metal (seriously): half an hour long, not a wasted note,
amazing production, guitar tone, feedback control and all around
attention to sonic detail. Very minimal. Really, really loud,
regardless of volume. (They were sponsored by Sunn amps, here's the
gatefold proof:

{ }
) {sic}

Imagine two Sabbath freaks covering Electric Mud (except heavier.)
Totally rules, obviously. {Further insights beheld} here.

*The other member, Chris Lockheed, was responsible for drums and
keyboards. Live, he played them simultaneously."

1) All editor's input within original quoted text is between "{}", and some text
hyper-linked to help elaborate the experience of reading this Involuntary Post.

2) There is in fact an earlier missive that first inspired this series, but it will
have to follow as this installment is more immediately available. Stay tuned.

3) Sorry for the weird formatting - through a series of copying and pasting, this was the best I could do to get all original text without re-typing the whole thing.

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